Rihanna, Iman and Naomi for Balmain

Olivier Rousteing Balmain’s designer recently had an interview with W magazine, he shared his love for fashion and his love for his job which he is so passionate about. Olivier spoke about his preference working with Balmain to when he worked with Cavalli, he said “I loved what he was doing,” “It was more my taste than Cavalli” He also shares with w magazine his journey working with Balmain, his difference and similarities with Christophe Decarnin’s and his vision for Balmain. Rousteing explained his inspiration and decision for his models Rihanna, Iman and Naomi. “These women are inspiring to so many different people,” he says “Bringing them together represents the concept I’m working toward.”

Global Fashion Trends 2015/2016

The global fashion trends for autumn winter 2015/2016  forecast is very interesting, colourful, and trendy. Its fashion, architecture, and design, is transformed into a world of modernity, visual simplicity,and raw edge. It calls for disrupted shapes, summoning the beauty of colliding fabrics, folding, unfolding, tightening, and unfurling volumes. A broad, wide-angle view, embracing initial sketches and concrete realities, with fabrics that anticipate clothing, and promise powerful and bold volume. Opiid introduces the futuristic autumn winter 15/16 trends by Chantelle Fadino , which are : Sahara desert, Galactic galaxy, Metal meteor, Holographic sky and Pixalated pixels.


The Sahara Dessert: Sahara dessert incorporates elements of nature along with old and new. It is inspired by landscape of various desert structures, and desert scenes from sci-fci movies. Its inspiration includes earthly aesthetics, mixed with a modern edge. The sahara dessert colours for autumn winter 2015/2016 are molten lava, shell coral, nectarine, blazing orange, praire sand, and taffy.


Opiid Guide: Accessorizing For A Night Out


Finding the right dress for a night out in town is relatively easy when compared to choosing the right accessories for the dress.  Accessorizing your outfit helps make a huge difference in the way you look, but can be difficult depending on the specific look you are going for. When choosing accessories,  it’s important to always select pieces you like, as well as those that flatter both your outfit and your figure.


The Opiid Guide To Work Wardrobe Essentials

Your sense of style determines how you present yourself to the world, especially in a work place where people may size you up or size you down based on your appearance. What you wear goes a long way in reflecting your attitude and worth. Here is Opiid’s guide to work wardrobe essentials


A crisp white shirt is great because it always looks clean and professional, and it pairs well with virtually any ensemble. However any good-quality and properly cut button-down blouse will work. Ensure you get a good fit, and wear a seamless bra to avoid those pesky bra lines.




Have you ever looked at that fashionista or someone who walks in with their eye brows done perfectly and wished you had the same? Or perhaps you’re constantly watching videos on youtube or looking at pictures of celebrities while wondering how their makeup artists get their faces done perfectly.

These days, everyone seems to have it all together when it comes to having the perfect ‘beat’ on their faces for events, casual days or just DIY experimentals. Whatever you do, always make sure you have those perfect eyebrows. Another essential aspect is having the right products. Luckily for you, has all you need in terms of beauty items.