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Global Fashion Trends 2015/2016

The global fashion trends for autumn winter 2015/2016  forecast is very interesting, colourful, and trendy. Its fashion, architecture, and design, is transformed into a world of modernity, visual simplicity,and raw edge. It calls for disrupted shapes, summoning the beauty of colliding fabrics, folding, unfolding, tightening, and unfurling volumes. A broad, wide-angle view, embracing initial sketches and concrete realities, with fabrics that anticipate clothing, and promise powerful and bold volume. Opiid introduces the futuristic autumn winter 15/16 trends by Chantelle Fadino , which are : Sahara desert, Galactic galaxy, Metal meteor, Holographic sky and Pixalated pixels.


The Sahara Dessert: Sahara dessert incorporates elements of nature along with old and new. It is inspired by landscape of various desert structures, and desert scenes from sci-fci movies. Its inspiration includes earthly aesthetics, mixed with a modern edge. The sahara dessert colours for autumn winter 2015/2016 are molten lava, shell coral, nectarine, blazing orange, praire sand, and taffy.



Trend Alert: FLORALS!



With summer already in season, it is vital that we know the trends that work for each season. Well, at least for those that follow trends. By now, we have probably seen alot of people rocking florals and other prints. From shoes, bags, dresses, hats, name it, florals are everywhere. Celebrities, bloggers, fashionistas, designers and other fashion enthusiats are always hyped about the floral prints. It’s however essential to understand how prints work. It becomes too much when you go out looking ‘clowny’ all in the name of florals. 



Tanzanian designer- Kerry Glanfield recently launches her label’s (Nyumbani Designs) Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection. This collection exhibits all sorts of glam from the yellow and print’ vibe to the hint of traditional African Prints. We absolutely love this collection! All the designs in this collections screams SUMMER from top to bottom.

The Yellow Spaces lookbook was styled by Christine Mhando- founder and designer of Chichia London and photographed by OseeGrecaSinare. From buttoned down prints, dresses, shorts to dress shirts and bikinis, you are very well prepared for a ‘beachful’ and sunny summer!




Nyumbani design is a lifestyle and home ware range inspired by the beauty and colours of the Swahili coast. Founded by a fashion production and development specialist from the Cayman Islands in 2012, the label is a colourful amalgamation of her homes in the Caribbean, Mediterranean and East-Africa. Graduating with a first-class honors degree from the University of the West of England, Bristol in 2005, Kerry Glanfield gained invaluable experience working for high-end fashion designers in London.