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Summer is upon us with its ever colorful atmosphere and hype! Fashion designers and brands are ready and already showcasing their collections to get us prepared for a blissful fashionable summer.

Indeed, African designers continue to embrace the their cultural aspects with a hint of western designs. Above all, they are gradually creating a unique space on the Global Fashion Map and in the process, setting the pace for other designers to follow. Tanzanian brand Eskado Bird is one brand that continues to feed our fashion appetite with their unique, graphic and fun collection.

Kaleidoscopic Love Bird was  the original name of this Spring Summer 2014 Swahili Fashion Week Collection was inspired by the astonishing, luminous and symmetrical shapes of its print.

The print could almost suggest that it was the reflection of the visions seen at the other end of a Kaleidoscope. The multiple reflections seen at the other end of a Kaleidoscope inspired the pattern placement of this collections design.

With every twist, the kaleidoscope makes magic with light and mirrors. Kaleidoscope, meaning beauty, is a toy used to observe beautiful forms. Love Bird is a collection that worships and acknowledges beautiful forms, the several beautiful forms of a Lady Bird.”