Opiid Guide: A Lazy School Girl’s Makeup Bag Essentials


The life of  a student can sometimes be exhausting; from sleeping and waking up at odd hours to consuming all the wrong things. Finding the time to maintain a great beauty routine can be daunting and the average students makeup bag should reflect that. Here are seven makeup bag essentials to make a students life easier.





Have you ever looked at that fashionista or someone who walks in with their eye brows done perfectly and wished you had the same? Or perhaps you’re constantly watching videos on youtube or looking at pictures of celebrities while wondering how their makeup artists get their faces done perfectly.

These days, everyone seems to have it all together when it comes to having the perfect ‘beat’ on their faces for events, casual days or just DIY experimentals. Whatever you do, always make sure you have those perfect eyebrows. Another essential aspect is having the right products. Luckily for you, has all you need in terms of beauty items.