10 Top Wardrobe Essentials

10 Wardrobe Essentials For Women

Over the years, while working on my unique fashion style, I have realized that there are certain items that are a MUST HAVE for our closets. Despite the fact that a fashionista can get hyped about latest trends in fashion, she still clings to some basic items that just make every outfit complete.  In no particular order, below are my lists of versatile and functional basic but stylish wardrobe essentials that are necessary for your closet.

1)    BLAZER

Honestly, a well structured black blazer just gives you that complete look. The most amazing part of this item is that it can be styled in various ways and for different occasions from business, casual to night. I would advice that you buy a blazer that fits your body shape. It helps to flatter your body no matter how you rock your blazer.