The Africa fashion week 2014 this year has been quite amazing, there has been various African designers from around the world whose collections would be showcased this year. Revealing various unique Africa trends, London’s fashion week which was hosted on the 7th and 9th of August 2014 was an amazing events with collections from over 30 designers which were very inspirational, and innovative with their fabric manipulation, and design development. The African prints and African fabric were so summery and attractive, there were also appearance of various fashion lovers, fashion bloggers, and fashion students. The entertainment was done by the handsome, sexy Cameroon born artist Valentine.

Opiid brings to you fashion lovers our 10 best fashion designers and 10 emerging designers to be anticipated. We enjoyed Africa Fashion week London and decided to share with you our favourite designers from the event and designers to watch out for. We loved the Africa Fashion week London so much and we are anticipating for Africa Fashion week New York.



Modella B collection was an admiration to the eye, so classy, sexy and vibrant, the collection was simplified and still intriguing the fabric manipulations were very stunning, we admired the use of fabric, its draping, wraps, textures and the sort of fabric used in this collection. Modella B used fabrics such as jersey, lace, chiffon, and cotton and transformed them into elegant, attractive exits, the colour consideration was very matured and classy, they used colours such as black, gold, blue, purple, wine and red.


Mia Collection is an inspirational collection. Mia Nisbet is an amazing designer her collection showcased at Africa Fashion Week London are so amazing, We love her westernised Africa detailing, she uses dyed blue denim and dyed Africa prints in her collection, the models accessories are trendy, they have afro and 50’s look sunglasses which are so sexy and modify the collection. Mia collection has a metamorphosed shirt transformed to dyed blue jeans and African prints, as their design developments, the outcome of their exits are fabulous and wearable.




Porjai Thai Printer collection displayed in African fashion week London was a colourful, blissful event to watch, the prints and graphic designs of each garments were very amazing, and unique. We loved the graphic prints merged in African fabric they looked so unique and spontaneous, the design developments transited  on the modernised African prints were very attractive, with mesmerizing colours. There was a variation of yellow, red, brown, blue, burgundy, and grey colours. We love their various designs, each exist were very stunning and the fabric suited each design, their mini skirts, ball gowns, mini gowns, free flow gowns and long gowns. Each of Porjai Thai Printer’s collection were elegant, classy, summery and festive.


I.kollection exist for Africa fashion week were very admirable, we loved their sort of fabrics, their lace and wraps which were the identification used for this collection. There was a variation of colours used such as white, red, yellow, black, green and blue in various shades. Their prints were quite minimal as there concentration were on their lace, their prints had a variation of diagonal shapes, vertical shapes, spiral shapes, and oval shapes. The collection was a simplified beauty.

  • G321

G321 collection for African fashion week London was quite colourful and very summery, we loved the free flow summery feel of the garment. The colour for this collection were peach, burgundy, brown, red, yellow, and blue in different shades. It had oceanic like  prints ( not  in blue) which made it distinct , spiral prints, and graphic horse prints. The design developments were quite inspirational and creative, they were jumpsuit inspired gowns in various lengths and mini gowns. The collection was a distinct, colourful admiration.


Erwin Michalec collection for African fashion week London was a delightful experience, it could be described as giving life to art through fashion. The collection was a colourful, artistic collection. The prints displayed on each exits were so artistic and colourful, the prints bring back memories of the works of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. The fabric used in this collection modifies the beauty of the prints and colours, there are various colours and colour shades used in this collection; and fabric such as silk and light cotton. The design development in this collection is summery, free flowing, non fitted, and they look very comfortable.



 Amaa a la mode collection showcased in African fashion week London could be regarded as an architectural inspired piece as some of their works are edgy and architectural, which are designed and constructed in African prints, this collection could also be regarded as a westernised African collection. It is a youthful, edgy, and tailored collection, with African prints, spiral prints, graphic prints and geometric prints; its colours and designs are youthful, and dynamic. It is constructed with African fabrics, African prints, lace fabrics, cotton, and silk. It contain elegant colours such as peach, gold, brown, yellow, white, orange, green, blue, pink and red.  


Dear curve is a brand based on promoting and creating outfits for size 12 and above women, we love this brand and its movement, it helps encourage women who are not size 0 to 6 to consider modelling, it gives them an opportunity to model and showcase their beauty. We love the creativity in this brand, their use of prints, fabric, design development and their boldness, we also love the colours which they have use in their designs.


Zabeth Isaac collection for African fashion week London was so beautiful, we loved the prints which were used in this collection, the prints, designs and fabric when so simple and still attractive. We loved the horizontal multicoloured prints, merged with lace which were used in the designs of trousers, and gowns. The design development from the merged outfits to the plain lace gown were gorgeous. There were also quite some distinct prints used in this collection, this collection magnified the beauty of simplicity with its design and accessories; the afro on the model gave the collection the 50’s look. 

  •  VK WISE

Vk wise collection for African fashion week London gave us a flash back of hippies fashion, the prints and design of each garment had a serenity feeling, the draping were perfect, it had a stylish, street style vibe, the colours were amazing, artistic and attractive, we loved there sequence prints and there 50’s afro vibe.






  • ANTI G


 PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS, fashion finest,, and Kayode Fashola photography



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