Global Fashion Trends 2015/2016

The global fashion trends for autumn winter 2015/2016  forecast is very interesting, colourful, and trendy. Its fashion, architecture, and design, is transformed into a world of modernity, visual simplicity,and raw edge. It calls for disrupted shapes, summoning the beauty of colliding fabrics, folding, unfolding, tightening, and unfurling volumes. A broad, wide-angle view, embracing initial sketches and concrete realities, with fabrics that anticipate clothing, and promise powerful and bold volume. Opiid introduces the futuristic autumn winter 15/16 trends by Chantelle Fadino , which are : Sahara desert, Galactic galaxy, Metal meteor, Holographic sky and Pixalated pixels.


The Sahara Dessert: Sahara dessert incorporates elements of nature along with old and new. It is inspired by landscape of various desert structures, and desert scenes from sci-fci movies. Its inspiration includes earthly aesthetics, mixed with a modern edge. The sahara dessert colours for autumn winter 2015/2016 are molten lava, shell coral, nectarine, blazing orange, praire sand, and taffy.


The Galactic Galaxy: Galactic galaxy is known for its boldness, mixed with a sense of modernism. It is centered around bright lights, neon colours, and the theme for outer space. The galactic galaxy colours for autumn winter 2015/2016 are dark purple, gulf stream, orion blue, vivacious, purple wine, and plum. Inspired by planet and solar system, elements of light and bright colours, along with interesting prints, texture and shapes. The colour story is bright and bold, consisting of different purple shades and pop of other colours.

The Metal Meteor: Metal meteor is inspired by dark metals and ores of the future, simplicity, raw edge of buildings and modern cities,its regarded as dark and bizarre but also beautiful and mysterious. The  metal meteor colours for autumn winter 2015/2016 are caviar, jet black, dark navy, ebony, gun metal, and silver.

The Holography Sky: Holographic sky focuses on 3D dimensions, holographic sky can be regarded as a futuristic trend, its colours are considered to be digitalized and surreal, and they reflect various colours when light is illuminated on them. The holographic sky colours for autumn winter 15/16 are skylight, shadow lime, pool blue, orchid bloom, sharp green and gulf steam, its colours interact closely with shapes revealing volumes, highlighting or contradicting cuts.

The Pixalated pixels: Pixels are directly related to the world of technology, it is deeply inspire by pixalation, transformation into cubic squares of various colours. It has an appealing sense of colour, vibrance, and technology. The pixalated pixels colours for autumn winter 2015/2016 are, bright violet, fern green, aquarius, princess blue, and blazing yellow. The colour story includes a different array of colours that are bright and full of contrast.

Hope you love the Futuristic trends as much as Opiid does, if you love it as much as we did or even more tell us which is your favourite and which one you can’t wait to try out. Opiid would love to you see looking trendy on the futuristic trend so have fun looking fabulous and trendy, take a picture and tag it to #OpiidFashion or #OpiidOotd on social network: instagramfacebook, twitter You would never know yours might just be amongst our top best on instagram for this week. Work fashionably and have a great week ahead.


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