Flat Ankara Shoes by You Khanga Pretty

We came across these pretty print shoes by You Khanga and they just looks so stunning. It’s amazing how everyone thinks heels do all the work, but having those unique flat shoes can just make you stand out from the crowd.

The You Khanga eye catching flats gets inspiration from Kenyan heritage and were uniquely crafted in Italy. The aim is to create comfortable, colorful and unique footwear from traditional East African Khanga material.

YOU KHANGA is one project that combines two distant cultures – AFRICAN LIFE & ITALIAN STYLE, a merger of the mystique and romance of the African khanga with the experience and excellence of Italian footwear craftsmen. The YOU KHANGA pumps and slippers range is born in Kenya, where the materials are crafted providing unique quality cloths and give their ‘one of a kind’ character to these made in Italy products.

Each khanga is unique and can’t be recreated, including some of its small imperfections. Africa We would like to contribute as much as possible to the development of the local population in Kenya. For this reason we produce the small khanga bags by hand on location. We will also donate a part of the profits from any YOU KHANGA product to charity projects dedicated to women and children in Kenya. We will start with support to the orphanage Asante Sana Roberto Children’s Home in Mambrui.


Talk about fashion meets philanthropy!


Check out the You Khanga flat shoes below:





Collezione-Youkhanga-Primavera-Estate-2013-2014-5 Collezione-Youkhanga-Primavera-Estate-2013-2014-6 (1) YOUKHANGA-flatshoes-kenya-eastAfrica YOUKHANGA-flatshoes-kenya-eastAfrica1 YOUKHANGA-flatshoes-kenya-eastAfrica-1 YOUKHANGA-flatshoes-kenya-eastAfrica-3



What do you think about these lovely You Khanga flat shoes?



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