Opiid Guide: Accessorizing For A Night Out


Finding the right dress for a night out in town is relatively easy when compared to choosing the right accessories for the dress.  Accessorizing your outfit helps make a huge difference in the way you look, but can be difficult depending on the specific look you are going for. When choosing accessories,  it’s important to always select pieces you like, as well as those that flatter both your outfit and your figure.


Select pieces that fits the style of the dress and tone of the evening. It is advisable to go for dramatic pieces when wearing a simple, neutral coloured dress, on the other hand you should tone it down a bit when wearing a printed dress . It’s all about balancing out the entire outfit.


Shoes complete your look and can transform the look of your entire outfit and figuring out what footwear to pair with your dress only gets more difficult when you know you’ll be dancing all night. Stilettos are a classic choice, you can also wear brightly coloured platform pumps or leather boots to ensure comfort without skimping on style.


Scarves/shawls are a great way to accessorize especially during chilly evenings. Choose tones and materials based on how they match your dress.


Nothing brings a style together better than a great jacket. Try a loose jacket to create a  bold nighttime look, or a cardigan for a more casual look.

Purses/Clutch and Belts

Carry an evening purse with an attractive and classic styling  just large enough to hold your cellphone, business cards, keys, cash and lip gloss. Choose belts with accents like ornamented buckles or studs that add flair to the entire ensemble.








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