The Opiid Guide To Work Wardrobe Essentials

Your sense of style determines how you present yourself to the world, especially in a work place where people may size you up or size you down based on your appearance. What you wear goes a long way in reflecting your attitude and worth. Here is Opiid’s guide to work wardrobe essentials


A crisp white shirt is great because it always looks clean and professional, and it pairs well with virtually any ensemble. However any good-quality and properly cut button-down blouse will work. Ensure you get a good fit, and wear a seamless bra to avoid those pesky bra lines.

Pencil / A-Line Skirt

This is key staple that makes for a professional look with a feminine touch. A black or dark gray skirt is the way to go, but you can try other shades and colours as you see fit.


It is essential to have at least one pair of versatile, straight leg trousers. Trousers are great and comfortable. The key to finding the right pair is to look for something classic, choose a timeless pair you’ll love and you can see yourself wearing in foreseeable future. Black trousers a terrific, they go with anything and will never go out of style.


Any businesswoman who is worth something needs a fabulous blazer. When you throw on a classic blazer. you get that instant sharp and edgy look which simply translates to “I mean business”.


A great pair of shoes can transform your body language and attitude, they add a finishing touch to any ensemble and can redefine your entire outfit. Nice, classic pumps with a modest heel are always your best choice, however you can try a polished loafer or flats if you value comfort.

Silk A-Line/ Sheath Dress

A simple, form-fitted sheath dress adorned with right accessories is a striking, attractive option for the work place, especially for a office party or after-work rendezvous.


A simple, yet elegant bag that is roomy enough to carry your essentials, but not over-sized is the way to go.

Cardigan and sleeveless Dress

This two go hand in hand, not only a great stylish piece for the workplace, it’s smart to have something stylish to slip on if you feel chilly.

Accessories and Perfume

Be simple and chic. Avoid jingling or chunky earrings and other accessories. For perfumes pick something that is lighter and more day-appropriate and don’t overdo it.


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