Nneka Rocks TW Magazine’s June 2014 Issue




International star and singer Nneka graces the cover of TW Magazine for its June 2014 Issue. Nneka Egbuna talks to TW about her success as an artist and she gives insight about her childhood, her love for music and more. She looks stunning  with pieces from Nigerian fashion designer Ituen Basi.

In this edition, the Nigerian Idol judge shares the double cover with her band’s 26-year-old guitaristTosin, who says she embodies all that inspires her.

More below:



Nneka-TW-Magazine-June-2014-Opiid.com-02-445x600 Nneka-TW-Magazine-June-2014-Opiid.com-02-445x


TW Magazine is currently available at newsstands and vendors nationwide. You can also download the free app on your iPad, iPhone & iPod here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/twmagazineapp/id662035026?mt=8.


For more information, visit:

Website: www.twmagazine.net
Cover Credits
Cover Story: Shirley Anne Oke
Photography: Moussa Moussa
Outfit: Ituen Basi
Make-up: Zaron Cosmetics
Hair: Apples & Oranges


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