Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion


When it comes to African Fashion, we can always look to brands such as Chichia London and Duro Olowu for inspiration. They stay dedicated to the African print ‘cult’ while giving us unique pieces which we can use for different seasons.

The Chichia London brand released two collections for their Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook. The ready to wear (RTW) made in Tanzania designs which takes us back to a fun yet chic fashion concept. According to the designer, “the 2014 mini collection titled ‘Reminisce’ recalls a sometimes forgotten time; ones childhood. The collection focuses on the idea of being grown up but still wanting to have fun in clothes and dressing up to feel happy, channeling a youthful innocence.”

While keeping us hyped by the RTW wears, Chichia London also dishes out the made to order Chichia Luxe Concept with all the designs made in Britain. The prints were inspired by Traditional Tanzanian Tinga art exclusively designed by Oliver Goddard. This mini concept gives us a diverse range of high quality garments, sophisticated craftsmanship with details of Mosaic stained glass style and sprinkles of Batik handmade prints.

Although the collection looks like it has alot of prints going on in each piece of clothing, it definitely gives us that traditional yet modern and unique look with a hint of trendy pieces from the high low plus peplum top to other playful summer clothing that will get you perfectly ready for that sunny day.


Check out the full collection below:


Chichia London S/S 2014 Collection


Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion1

Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion2

Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion3

Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion4

Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion5

Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion6

Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion7

Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion9

Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion90 Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion-k


Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion0

Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashionm Chichia London-reminisce-luxe-concept-double-collection-ss14-opiidfashion-n


ChichiaLB-10a1 ChichiaLB-10b1

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