Have you ever looked at that fashionista or someone who walks in with their eye brows done perfectly and wished you had the same? Or perhaps you’re constantly watching videos on youtube or looking at pictures of celebrities while wondering how their makeup artists get their faces done perfectly.

These days, everyone seems to have it all together when it comes to having the perfect ‘beat’ on their faces for events, casual days or just DIY experimentals. Whatever you do, always make sure you have those perfect eyebrows. Another essential aspect is having the right products. Luckily for you, has all you need in terms of beauty items.

In order to achieve those perfect eyebrows, you will need some essential makeup items:

  • Eye pencil or Eye Definer (Important for outlining and defining your eyes)
  • A Concealer
  • A Concealer Brush (This will help to to properly apply the concealer to the lines of your eyebrows)
  • Tweezers (You’ll need this to remove any unwanted hair)

Next, it’s also vital that we understand the shape of your face will help you get those perfect eyebrows.

The chart below will help guide you.


get the perfect eyebrows


So, what’s next? Watch the videos below as a guide.


Check out the eyebrow tutorials below by Makeup Artists and Youtubers – ThatIgboChick and Beautybyjj









What do you think about these tutorials? Let us know if you tried them.

Check back for more beauty tutorials!


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