10 Wardrobe Essentials For Women

Over the years, while working on my unique fashion style, I have realized that there are certain items that are a MUST HAVE for our closets. Despite the fact that a fashionista can get hyped about latest trends in fashion, she still clings to some basic items that just make every outfit complete.  In no particular order, below are my lists of versatile and functional basic but stylish wardrobe essentials that are necessary for your closet.

1)    BLAZER

Honestly, a well structured black blazer just gives you that complete look. The most amazing part of this item is that it can be styled in various ways and for different occasions from business, casual to night. I would advice that you buy a blazer that fits your body shape. It helps to flatter your body no matter how you rock your blazer.

PicMonkey Collage





Oh la la! There has to be that perfect little black dress that you can wear in different forms. The LBD continues to be on the list of top essential items for a lady to have in her wardrobe. From wrap dresses to sheath dresses, an LBD can transform you in one second. Personally, I love wearing my clothes in various ways. It’s best to look for a black dress that you can wear for different occasions. It’s advicable to have more than one of these items just incase you’re in doubt about what to wear.





God bless whoever introduced denim to this world. Denim is one trend that can never go out of fashion. I mean, think about it you’ve most likely always worn a denim outfit since you were a kid right? Ladies! It’s always advicable to have a good quality black and dark blue jeans, then all other colors and styles can follow.  Thankfully, these days we have lighter denim jeans that are very easy on the body.














Classic pumps are timeless and always add a level of uniqueness to your outfit. Black pumps work for different occasions. But if the color black doesn’t work for you, sure nude pumps will.



th   5)    HANDBAG

A structured handbag truly just works! Unless you carry a truck in your bag (which I hope you dont :)), a good bag will carry all your items and still help you stay organized and look classy.

th (1)



Emphasis on comfortable ballet flats. It’s really essential that we buy comfortable clothes and shoes too. Having those comfy flats exudes some form of self confidence. When you don’t feel like rocking your heels, those flats definitely work!

Banana Republic Scotty Ballet Flat7)      WHITE BUTTON DOWN SHIRT

White shirts are very versatile and they allow you to accessorize as much as you like. It’s even more lovable when you see the short sleeves and three-quaters. This helps you to escape the traditional office look.



















Don’t you just have that one tee that you’ve worn several times? I mean, they just work for different occasions especially when you want to dress low key. Plain tees take us back to the very basics. The great thing about wearing simple clothes is that you can accessorize them all you want, depending on your personal style. White tees should be in your closet.


White tee shirt

    9)   SCARF  

Both in the summer and winter time, scarfs always come in handy. Then talk about how an animal print scarf or a bold colored one helps to further accessorize an outfit. I believe it’s an essential.



From work to night life, a pencil skirt works wonders. It’s timeless and truly flatters the body. It’s a must have for every woman.

MG_7451b  EXTRA


Apart from the fact that sunglasses help to protect your eyes from the sun, it just gives you that extra umph! Look for the perfect glasses that fits your shape of face and you’re good to go.

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